Substitute for..?

April 28, 2010

I wish!

I have no idea why but I have to admit I have a problem. Every year I spend way too many of euros in tech. I do. I am not kidding and I am not bragging. It’s a disease, it must be!

I am always chasing the latest trend and I always end up owning much more high-tech stuff than I could ever use in a lifetime. Like, I have a PS3, a Nintendo Wii, a DS Lite, a DSi, a Sony PSP.. Not to mention the oldies (Gamecube, PS2…) My every day schedule makes pretty damn sure I have absolutely NO time at all to even turn them on once a week.

Last year I bought an iPhone 3G and this year, after some crying and a serious case of cold feet and what not, I decided I had to give it up and try something new so I went for another uberexpensive phone (HTC HD2) just for trying it out and now that I’m getting bored of it I’m considering something more android-like. That, of course, until the next iPhone sees the light of day.

This needs to stop, right?

Some people would say I am doing this as a substitute for something else. Believe me, I’m not missing the obvious “elses” you must be thinking about, so.. What would be the explanation for all of this … chronicle di_satisfaction?

Anyway, I’m honestly considering coming up with some sort of garage sale. I’ll give you a buzz once I finally get the guts to do it and maybe you can help me out of my misery. Deal? 😛


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