March 29, 2010


After a long long time since my last blog post on the interwebz, I realized I kinda missed it, ya know. The wackiness of talking to absolutely no one in particular. Sharing my thoughts out in the open. Not a care in the world.. A sort of mental Hakuna Matata we can hardly afford these days…

Anyway, here I am. My last blog was as dead as dead can be and I needed to move on. This is my first post here and I want to start by saying that as soon as I find out how to moderate comments I’ll turn it ON instantly. Hate those, so don’t bother unless they’re pure gold. I’m new to this wordpress thingie. Been looking online and it seems like blogspot is not the place to be anymore and wordpress has it all covered. So here I am!

Today was such a boring day I have absolutely nothing to post here. I guess I could talk about the vagueness in which I have been drifting lately but that’s too vague! It’s odd to realize that after some careful consideration, I’ve come to notice that my most exciting moments of the last few weeks were getting a new mobile phone and screaming at an insurance company’s secretary. And it’s a close tie between the two.

Since excitement will absolutely NOT be found on this first post, allow me to bore you to death and introduce myself so you can get to know me a little bit better.

I’m Pedro and I am a product of (late) 84. I currently live in Porto, Portugal, although that wasn’t always the case and I’m dreaming my days away while trying to graduate from college (2011, it seems…) and making some hard earned money working full time in the ever-changing telecom business.

Between hyperactive teenage siblings, angry old men, bitchy pseudo jet-set ho’s, fast paced business people, incredibly dumb class mates, Hitler-inspired hierarchic superiors, weird/great teachers and out of this world coworkers, my life goes about full of social interactions I’d rather be avoiding. But since I can’t live alone in a deserted island with infinite power supply, peace and endless prosperity and my life currently depends on interactions with others, my days consist in a very, VERY intricate web of connections between all those people and I.

I guess this blog will be about that and hopefully I can share a lot of it here with all you, my soon-to-be faithful readers. šŸ™‚

I’ll be in touch and keeping you posted will be my main concern. Seriously, I’ll be thinking of nothing else. šŸ˜›

[PS – This blog will be written in English. Sometimes Deutsch. It works just like an entrance fee at a popular night club. :P]


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